• 20 MAY 05
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    Big Pharma attack on Aust./ New Zealand supplements

    URGENT NOTICE – Secret Australian Supplement Ban Legislation Imminent- CODEX Looming – It concerns ALL of us!!! Please act in your and your freedom’s interest!

    From Eve Hillary at Health Freedom CODEX Campaign



    Secret anti Health Supplement Legislation Being Passed in Aussie Parliament

    Natural Health Supplements ARE in the Firing Line ~ Australia IS in CODEX

    Without public knowledge or debate the Australian Government has initiated steps to force the natural health industry under the control of multi-national drug corporations. Autralians and New Zealanders will lose the right to choose Natural health care if the Australian Government’s secret legislation is not stopped.

    Since Pan Pharmaceuticals was gutted by the TGA in 2003, the regulator has installed drug corporations on committees that have generated volumes of new laws that have sent the Australian supplement industry to the wall, making the markets ready to be taken over by drug companies.

    What are the FACTS?

    The war on supplements is nothing but a trade war. Supplements are hurting drug companies. They want their share of the action. Drug companies have lobbied the Australian government to bring about massive secret changes to Australia’s health care structure. Here’s what they’ve done:
    The Australian Government has signed an international treaty (known as the JTA Treaty) in 2003 which forms the basis for a massive new international regulating “agency”. This is due to come into effect July 1, 2005. unless the voters stop implementing legislation from being passed by Parliament. This new regulating agency, called the Trans Tasman Agency is structurally nothing more than an off shore corporation partnered by the TGA and multi national drug corporations. That means multi-national drug companies will “regulate” all vitamins and supplements. The new ‘offshore’ agency will operate directly within the international juristiction of CODEX. Australian Health Care will have been taken over by trans-national corporations unless Australians and New Zealanders stop these laws about to be implemented. VOTERS CAN STOP THEM – IF THEY ACT NOW

    What you can do about it:

    1. For full briefing information and background to the issue Click onto the above attached investigative feature Article by Eve Hillary: CODEX-The Sickness Industry’s Last Stand (or scroll down the body of this e-mail) The article is also found on www.evehillary.org
    2. For 2 pages of suggestions that anybody can do to stop this attack on Health Freedom, just open the above attachment marked; “
    Suggestions CODEX seminarEdit1.” and please give us feedback about your letters and initiatives on www.evehillary.org
    3. Join the Eve Hillary Health Freedom Campaign details on
    4. Health Freedom Seminars will be conducted Australia wide, for information scroll down to the end of the article or see seminar schedule on
    www.evehillary.org or click onto the above attachment marked “Important public meeting codex eve hillary flyer”.
    5. Please sent this e-mail into your lists.
    6. In the letters and communiques you write be sure to include the facts of the matter as you understand them, and the specifics of what you want them to do, and tell them you require an answer from them within 21 days or you shall take it that your facts and requsts as listed in your letter are agreed upon by the government.
    7. For more activist tools and letter templates stay connected to the website
    www.evehillary.org where more help will be posted.


    Considering the improper methods used to originate and pass TGA legislation controlling health supplements;

    Contact: e-mail, write, or fax the Federal Health Minister and all possible Members of Parliament and demand they vote:
    NO to passing the Therapeutic Goods Amendment Bill of 2005.
    NO to passing any implementing legislation pertaining to the JTA treaty and the Trans Tasman Agency – These must not be implemented before or after July 1, 2005

    Tony Abbott Federal Health Minister tony.abbott.mp@aph.gov.au
    For a list of all Federal MP’s E-mail click onto;


    Tony Abbott’s Sydney office; 02 99 77 6 411 fax 02 997 78715

    Central Office telephone enquiries Department of Health and Ageing
    Switchboard 02 6289 1555
    Freecall 1800 020 103
    After hours 02 6122 2747
    General fax 02 6281 6946Central Office Department of Health and Ageing
    GPO Box 9848,
    Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

    Write to any Federal Member of Parliament c/o
    Name of MP
    Parliament House
    Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia

    Remember this can be stopped.

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    A series of public meetings & workshops will be given by Internationally acclaimed author of “Children of a Toxic Harvest” and “Health Betrayal: staying away from the sickness industry” Eve Hillary.

    The purpose of these meetings is to spread awareness and initiate a campaign against the coming provision of the Codex Alimentarius, which threatens to make vitamins and other natural therapies unavailable or extremely expensive for the public.

    Eve Hillary states; “Without public knowledge or debate the Australian Government has initiated steps to force the natural health industry under the control of drug industries so international Codex regulations can apply.” Health campaigners fear UN/WHO Codex recommendations include a ban on supplements for preventative or therapeutic use, and that the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), the standard used presently in assessing vitamin and mineral intake, will be used as a way of restricting how much of any essential nutrient a person can take.

    Fears for price rises in nutritional supplements may make them expensive. Norway and Germany are already operating under the new Codex regulations. The price of zinc tablets has been reported to have gone from $4 to $52 whereas Echinacea has risen from $14 to $153. Campaigners in Australia fear this means that nutritional supplements will be beyond the reach of all but a few.

    Eve Hillary will reveal the biggest betrayal and threat to health freedom in Australian history and what all citizens can do about it before July 2005 when the regulation of Australia’s supplements is scheduled be placed into the hands of the drug industry and outside the control of Australians and their Parliament.

    CODEX- Health Freedom Seminars
    Saturday May 7 ~ ACTA Conference Tamworth ~ Contact Robert on: 02 67232351
    Sunday May 15 ~ Currumbin Gold Coast ~ Contact Kym on: 0413672940
    Saturday June 4 ~ Melbourne ~ Contact John on: 0421 990 651
    Sunday June 19 ~ Adelaide ~ Contact Chris on: 0428379453
    For General Enquiries Contact Eve on 0404 074 031
    More to be listed soon

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