• 04 MAY 05
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    Swedish Cancer Foundation invests in Big Tobacco

    Olle Johansson from Sweden sends in a delightful Swedish article on how the Swedish Cancer Foundation has been caught out buying shares in the tobacco industry! I know the Swedes are clever but this is a stroke of genious. Invest in an industry that will help keep the customers coming through the Foundation door as well as keeping the cancer rates up so that the cash cow of cancer research can continue. I wonder if the Foundation also has shares with Motorola?


    To All

    Today, in the largest Swedish newspaper – Dagens Nyheter – there is an article about the Swedish Cancer Foundation (by far the largest funding body for cancer research in Scandinavia) showing that they have bought shares in the tobacco industry, including Reynolds American and Swedish Match! [No, I am not pulling your leg – this is true!!] Read the article, in Swedish, at:


    [Can anyone provide a translation – Don]

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    (Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
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