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    • [Y]
 Red means sub-thermal effects were found (not always at significant levels).
    • [N]  The black indicates no EM effects were found.
    • [NA]
The cyan means ... Not applicable.

    [N] Quantifying the impact of selection bias caused by nonparticipation in a case-control study of mobile phone use,   VIEW
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    [NA] Mobile phone base station exposure and symptoms.   VIEW
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    [N] Mobile phone base station exposure and symptoms,   VIEW
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    [NA] Source of funding and results of studies of health effects of mobile phone use: systematic review of experimental studies,   VIEW
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    [NA] Dialling and driving: factors influencing intentions to use a mobile phone while driving,   VIEW
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    [NA] Source of funding and results of studies of health effects of mobile phone use: systematic review of experimental studies.   VIEW
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    [N] Cellular phone use and brain tumor: a meta-analysis.   VIEW
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    [NA] Effects of RF EMF on Reproduction (Djelovanje RF EMF Zracenja na Spermatogenez u Sisavaca.)   VIEW
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    [Y] Mobile phone induced sensorineural hearing loss,   VIEW
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    [NA] Effects of low-level radio-frequency (3kHz to 300GHz) energy on human cardiovascular, reproductive, immune, and other systems: A review of the recent literature,   VIEW
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    [NA] Driver hand-held cellular phone use: A four-year analysis.   VIEW
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    [NA] Mobile phone use and exposures in children.   VIEW
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    [NA] Animal carcinogenicity studies on radiofrequency fields related to mobile phones and base stations.   VIEW
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    [NA] Role of mobile phones in motor vehicle crashes resulting in hospital attendance: a case-crossover study.   VIEW
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    [NA] Inhibited head movements: A risk of combining phoning with other activities   VIEW
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    [NA] Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and subjective health complaints   VIEW
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    [Y] Influence of 400, 900, and 1900 MHz electromagnetic fields on Lemna minor growth and peroxidase activity.   VIEW
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    [NA] Use of mobile phones in ICU--why not ban?   VIEW
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    [Y] Subjective symptoms reported by people living in the vicinity of cellular phone base stations   VIEW
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    [NA] Cellular phones and public health   VIEW
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    [NA] Mobile phones, web chat, and sex among Norwegian adolescents   VIEW
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    [NA] Blast injury caused by a booby-trapped cellular phone.   VIEW
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    [NA] From phenoxyacetic acids to cellular telephones: is there historical evidence for the precautionary principle in cancer prevention?   VIEW
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    [NA] Applicability of discovery science approach to determine biological effects of mobile phone radiation   VIEW
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    [NA] Basic problems of diversely reported biological effects of radio frequency fields   VIEW
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    [NA] Cellular phone dermatitis with chromate allergy   VIEW
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    [N] A revised economic analysis of restrictions on the use of cell phones while driving.   VIEW
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    [Y] SIMS study of the calcium-deprivation step related to epidermal meristem production induced in flax by cold shock or radiation from a GSM telephone.   VIEW
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    [NA] Inhibition of temporary pacing by a mobile phone.   VIEW
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    [N] Comparison of dose dependences for bioeffects of continuous-wave and high-peak power microwave emissions using gel-suspended cell cultures.   VIEW
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    [N] A practical procedure to prevent electromagnetic interference with electronic medical equipment   VIEW
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    [NA] Electromagnetic compatibility of electronic implants--review of the literature.   VIEW
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    [NA] Possible electromagnetic interference with electronic medical equipment by radio waves coming from outside the hospital.   VIEW
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    [Y] Dermatitis caused by radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation   VIEW
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    [NA] Neurological abnormalities associated with CDMA exposure.   VIEW
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    [NA] Miniplate osteosynthesis and cellular phone create disturbance of infraorbital nerve.   VIEW
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    [N] No mutagenic or recombinogenic effects of mobile phone fields at 900 MHz detected in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae.   VIEW
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    [NA] Effects of an increased air gap on the in vitro interaction of wireless phones with cardiac pacemakers.   VIEW
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    [Y] Mobile phone induced sensorineural hearing loss.   VIEW
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    [N] Catheter microwave ablation therapy for cardiac arrhythmias.   VIEW
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    [NA] Wireless Technology Research (WTR), LLC overview   VIEW
    Motorola public relations
    In this document only 1999

    [NA] Implantable cardioverter defibrillators and cellular telephones: is there any interference?   VIEW
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Note: Some of the above research has produced results which suggest long-term use of cellphones could be harmful, and some has produced no results. Note that finding some effect does not necessarily mean that the effect is adverse to humans, or that it is potentially harmful. The body has good repair mechanisms. Of course it does suggest that more research is probably urgently needed to find out what it does signify.