EMF Health-effect Research  

Index of Abstracts

(Indicator of cell changes)

    • [Y]
 Red means sub-thermal effects were found (not always at significant levels).
    • [N]  The black indicates no EM effects were found.
    • [NA]
The cyan means ... Not applicable.

    [Y] Nonthermal effects of radiofrequency-field exposure on calcium dynamics in stem cell-derived neuronal cells: elucidation of calcium pathways.   VIEW
    Rao VS, Titushkin IA, Moros EG, Pickard WF, Thatte HS, Cho MR
    Radiat Res. 169(3):319-329, 2008

    [N] Acute exposure to low-level CW and GSM-modulated 900 MHz RF does not affect Ba(2+) currents through voltage-gated calcium channels in rat cortical neurons.   VIEW
    Platano D, Mesirca P, Paffi A, Pellegrino M, Liberti M, Apollonio F, Bersani F, Aicardi G
    Bioelectromagnetics. Jul 9; 2007

    [Y] Are thyroid dysfunctions related to stress or microwave exposure (900 MHz)?   VIEW
    Bergamaschi A, Magrini A, Ales G, Coppetta L, Somma G.
    Int J Immunopathol Pharmacol. 17(2 Suppl):31-36, 2004

    [Y] The effect of low level continuous 2.45 GHz waves on enzymes of developing rat brain   VIEW
    Paulraj R, Behari J
    Electromag. Biol. Med. 21:221-231, 2002

    [N] Effects of mobile phone type signals on calcium levels within human leukaemic T-cells (Jurkat cells)   VIEW
    Cranfield CG, Wood AW, Anderson V, Menezes KG.
    Int J Radiat Biol 77(12):1207-1217, 2001

    [N] Tight junctional changes upon microwave and x-ray irradiation.   VIEW
    Palfia Z, Somosy Z, Rez G.
    Acta Biol Hung 52(4):411-416, 2001

    [NA] Modeling of the effect of modulated electromagnetic radiation on animal cells   VIEW
    Gapeev AB, Chemeris NK,
    Biofizika 45(2):299-312, 2000

    [Y] Interaction of low level modulated RF radiation with Na+øK+-ATPase   VIEW
    Behari J, Kunjilwar KK, and Pyne S
    Bioelectrochem Bioenerg 47:247-252, 1998

    [Y] Modulated extremely high frequency EMR of low intensity activates or inhibits respiratory burst in neutrophils depending on modulation frequency   VIEW
    Gapeev AB, Iakushina VS, Chemeris NK, Fesenko EE,
    Biofizika 42(5): 1125-1134, 1997

    [Y] Millemetre waves inhibit the synergistic effect of calcium ionophore A23187 and phorbol ester in neutrophil respiratory burst   VIEW
    Safronova VG, Gapeev AB, Alovskaia AA, Gabdulkhakova AG, Chemeris NK, Fesenko EE
    Biofizika 42(6): 1267-1273, 1997

    [Y] Qualitative enzyme histochemistry and microanalysis reveals changes in ultrastructural distribution of calcium and calcium-activated ATPases after microwave irradiation of the medial habenula   VIEW
    Kittel A, Siklos L, Thuroczy G, Somosy Z,
    Acta Neuropathol (Berl) 92(4):362-368, 1996

    [Y] Calcium homeostasis of isolated heart muscle cells exposed to pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic fields.   VIEW
    Wolke S, Neibig U, Elsner R, Gollnick F, Meyer R
    Bioelectromagnetics 17(2):144-153, 1996

    [Y] Dual effects of microwaves on single Ca(2+)-activated K+ channels in cultured kidney cells   VIEW
    Geletyuk VI, Kazachenko VN, Chemeris NK, Fesenko EE,
    FEBS Lett 359(1):85-88, 1995

    [Y] Effects of modulated microwave and X-ray irradiation on the activity and distribution of Ca++-ATPase in small intestine epithelial cells   VIEW
    Somosy Z, Thuroczy G, Koteles GJ, Kovacs J,
    Scanning Microsc 8(3):613-619; discussion 619-620, 1994

    [N] Calcium-ion movement and contractility in atrial strips of frog heart are not affected by low-frequency-modulated, 1 GHz electromagnetic radiation.   VIEW
    Schwartz JL, Mealing GA,
    Bioelectromagnetics 14(6):521-533, 1993

    [Y] Effects of modulated and continuous microwave irradiation on pyroantimonate precipitable calcium content in junctional complex of mouse small intestine.   VIEW
    Somosy Z, Thuroczy G, Kovacs J
    Scanning Microsc 7(4):1255-1261, 1993

    [N] Dose dependence of acetylcholinesterase activity in neuroblastoma cells exposed to modulated radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation.   VIEW
    Dutta SK, Das K, Ghosh B, Blackman CF
    Bioelectromagnetics 13(4):317-322, 1992

    [Y] Exposure of frog hearts to CW or amplitude-modulated VHF fields: selective efflux of calcium ions at 16 Hz.   VIEW
    Schwartz JL, House DE, Mealing GA,
    Bioelectromagnetics 11(4):349-358, 1990

Note: Some of the above research has produced results which suggest long-term use of cellphones could be harmful, and some has produced no results. Note that finding some effect does not necessarily mean that the effect is adverse to humans, or that it is potentially harmful. The body has good repair mechanisms. Of course it does suggest that more research is probably urgently needed to find out what it does signify.