• 09 SEP 11

    Motorola faces bribery probe

    Sent in by Olle Johansson The New Zealand Herald http://www.nzherald.co.nz/middle-east/news/article.cfm?l_id=8&objectid=10749523&ref=rss US regulators are investigating an Austrian lobbyist and US telecom maker Motorola over alleged bribes of up to 2.2 million euros (NZ$3.68m), Austrian weekly Profil revealed at the weekend. From April 2004 onwards, Motorola apparently transferred up to 2.2 million euros to three firms controlled

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    • 25 OCT 08

    #970: Sense about Science – Misleading on Radiation, EMFs, Health

    From Powerwatch: http://www.naturalmatters.net/article.asp?article=3828&cat=247 Sense about Science – Misleading on Radiation, EMFs, Health 24/10/2008 Article from http://www.powerwatch.org.uk Sense about science have recently published a very one-sided report entitled “Making Sense of Radiation” on the associations between EMFs and health. Not only did this report only present one side of an argument that has multiple conflicting opinions

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    • 03 MAR 06

    Headaches, nosebleeds from TETRA

    Sent by Iris Atzmon: For some it is more than a minor irritant. When a TETRA mast went live just a few hundred yards from Littlehamptom Primary School in Sussex in 2004, 11 children were sent home with headaches and nosebleeds. According to Mr Morrison, all the Thornwood sufferers began reporting microwave symptoms at the

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