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Views on the NTP cell phone cancer study

Understandably the recently released NTP study has generated many opinions (some expert and some far from it) on what the study means for mobile phone users. The official audio download from Friday’s teleconference is now available online and in addition the NTP now has a new webpage titled “Cell Phones”

(the 74-page report of partial findings and the same audio are also linked at the bottom of it)

Following are some of the articles on the study. Please take special note at the last entry below, from the Australian Science Media Centre’s (AusSMC) SIMEX blog posting which quotes Dr Rodney Croft’s expert analysis of the NTP study. Dr. Croft has this amazing gift of being able to take a complex issue, such as the NTP study and simply boil it down to a brief reassuring statement for the media to unquestionably digest and regurgitate in their news stories.

Never mind the science such as the IARC classification of “mobile phone-like exposure” as a possible human carcinogen which is backed up by Professor Bruce Armstrong’s statement in the same SIMEX blog, immediately above Croft’s, that “This report supports the IARC monograph’s conclusion that RF is possibly carcinogenic to humans”. – Rodney simply and predictably avoids this and concludes that “the NTP report does not provide reason to move from the current scientific consensus that mobile phone-like exposure does not impact health.”

Just who’s scientific consensus does he follow?

Cell Phone Radiation Boosts Cancer Rates in Animals

From Microwave News

U.S. Government Expected To Advise Public of Tumor Risk
The cell phone cancer controversy will never be the same again.

The U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) is expected to issue a public announcement that cell phone radiation presents a cancer risk for humans. The move comes soon after its recently completed study showed statistically significant increases in cancer among rats that had been exposed to GSM or CDMA signals for two-years.

Discussions are currently underway among federal agencies on how to inform the public about the new findings. NTP senior managers believe that these results should be released as soon as possible because just about everyone is exposed to wireless radiation all the time and therefore everyone is potentially at risk.
To read our exclusive story, click here.

Stop Untested Microwave Radiation of Children’s Brains and Eyes EHT Scientists Urge Google


From the Environmental Health Trust


Scientific imaging shows how children absorb radiation from Smartphones in Virtual reality cardboard positions.

Environmental Health Trust (EHT) scientists are calling on Google to stop the spread into schools of wireless virtual reality system Global Expeditions Pioneer Program where middle-school children hold a cell phone encased in a cardboard box in front of their eyes to take virtual expeditions to Mars, the moon, and other special places.

“Two-way microwave radiation transceivers, in the form of Smartphones, should not be used directly in front of children’s eyes and brains,” cautions University of Utah Distinguished Prof. Om Gandhi, who is one of the original developers of testing to evaluate wireless radiation from cellphones and is a Senior Advisor to EHT.

Prof. Gandhi added, “We have never tested microwave radiating devices directly in front of the young developing eye. The absence of proof of harm at this point does not mean that we have evidence of safety.”

Cindy Sage, the Bioinitiative reports co-editor on smart phone virtual shopping

From Cindy Sage. A letter sent to the New York Times:

Dear New York Times people,

I have received your gift of a Google Cardboard viewer thanking me for being a loyal subscriber to the Times.

What a hilarious debacle in the name of ‘gifting’ and thanking your customers. I read and respect the NY Times, but this is a real mistake in judgment.

What you didn’t tell me is that this is a distinct health hazard to the very loyal subscribers like myself whom you are trying to thank with this gift. This would not be approvable under any Institutional Review Board as a scientific experiment on humans, without informed consent from them for exposing them to a classified Possible Human Carcinogen (WHO IARC Group 2B). No IRB would or could approve it.

Putting a cell phone at your forehead is ridiculously risky. Where are the health warnings?

Please see or any of the other 1000 or so scientific studies
on the risks of cell phone radiation.

Thanks but no thanks. Looking for the quick demise of this ill-conceived customer relations program.

Cindy Sage, MA
Sage Associates
Co-Editor, BioInitiative Reports

Ebay / Myer’s new virtual reality shopping store ignores possible eye damage to the user

In a world’s first partnership between Ebay and Myer’s department store a virtual reality shopping mall now allows the user to access to thousands of items simply by downloading the eBay Virtual Reality Department Store app on their smart phone. What is also required is a foldout smart phone holder headset (called SHOPTICALS) for your phone which allows you to place the phone immediately in front of your eyes and start shopping.

As clearly seen, this places the smart phone about 2 inches from the user’s eyes, which will be exposing the eyes to the phone’s light and microwave emissions when using the headset. This should be of concern to both Ebay and Myer, not only because it might harm their customers but also because of the existing evidence (below) that their technology poses a possible risk of eye damage to the user. If this turns out to be the case it exposes these corporations to a class-action litigation risk.

It is a disgrace that so many of the myriad of new devices being marketed are developed and sold without the slightest consideration of possible long term harm other than thermal (see last message).

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