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Swerdlow’s biased HPA report receives damning criticism

In a recent message I suggested that the latest Health Protection Agency AGNIR report, headed by Anthony Swerdlow, was highly biased because of Swerdlow’s industry connections. It is increasingly looking like the AGNIP report is more of a desperate effort at IARC ‘damage control’ on behalf of the mobile phone industry, or in the case of Swerdlow, protecting his share portfolio……

This report has now come under further criticism in Dariusz Leszczynski’s latest blog.

UK HPA report on cell phones & health is not what it claims to be


Reading it feels surreal. Like the authors would either not understand the studies they read or had pre-written conclusions? It is like reading a wish list written by someone claiming that there is not and will never be any problems related to cell phone exposures.


The AGNIR Report puts lots of effort into evaluation of the research on potential causal link between cell phone radiation and cancer. However, the 2011 IARC classification of cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogen is not mentioned at all in this report. It is simply as if IARC’s evaluation would not take place.

It is obvious that the AGNIR’s members do not agree with the outcome of IARC evaluation. However, complete omission of it feels like rewriting of history and omitting inconvenient facts. In my opinion it shows a very biased attitude of AGNIR members towards the IARC classification.

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