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Reader Rebuttal: Smart meter, a disinformation-based technology

An excellent article on smart meters from Iris Atzmon, published in The Washington Times Communities:

ISRAEL, April 16, 2012 – In his Communities column, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, writer Dariusz Leszczynski claims that “the deployment of the ‘smart meters’ will add very little radiation beyond existing exposures to cell phones and cell towers. In his opinion, most likely lack of reliable information causes ‘gossip’ and ‘misinformation’ to spread.” And this, according to him, causes what he calls ‘smart meters scare’.

In an interview with Joshua Hart, leader of smart meters opposition group it was revealed that the group recorded the pulses of the smart meters and California utility company admitted there are up to 190,000 spikes every day emitted by the smart meter. (7.2.12, on the Power Hour radio).

But according to information that the power industry provides – one can never know this. Indeed, there is misinformation.


Read the full article here:

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