• 10 DEC 06
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    #603: New Carlo analysis on the Danish study

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    #603: New Carlo analysis on the Danish study

    Dr. George Carlo has written an excellent 10 page analysis (further to his earlier comments in message# 598) of the Danish cell phone study. It is in pdf. format and as I cannot send attachments out on this list please email me if you want a copy emailed to you. Here’s Carlo’s introduction:

    The Latest Reassurance Ruse about Cell Phones and Cancer
    Dr. George L. Carlo
    Science and Public Policy Institute
    Safe Wireless Initiative

    ” After a number of prominent, peer-reviewed studies indicating that cell phone radiation can cause genetic damage, brain and blood cell dysfunction and a host of health problems including cancer, now comes a Danish study that appears to say there is no danger at all. And, that is exactly what cell phone users want to hear – if it is true.

    The problem is that the new Danish cohort study does not support the reassurances that have been ascribed to it. It is a ruse based upon a program initiated by the telecommunications industry more than a decade ago to control the global scientific research agenda concerning cell phones and health effects. The industry strategy has been to fund low-risk studies that will assure a positive result – and then use it to convince the news media and the public that it is proof that cell phones are safe. Even though the actual science proved nothing of the sort.

    It is against this backdrop that the Danish study provides an illustrative case history”.

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