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    #588: Update on Broadband over Power Lines (BPL)

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    #588: Update on Broadband over Power Lines (BPL)

    Notice from Libby Kelly:

    Dear Colleagues,

    I want you to know about an excellent resource that thoroughly explains from an engineering and health perspective, another emerging EMR hazard called Broadband over Power Line, a new wireless signal that will create involuntary public exposure. SaL La Duca, a certified building biologist and environmental inspector, just gave a presentation on this. I have attached his power point presentation. [Not able to post attachments on this weblog-contact me for the file if wanted-Don] This includes technical information that will require the aid of someone who understands engineering. The health implications are huge as this technology will involuntarily invade our homes and the cell of our bodies whether we subscribe to wireless broadband or not. In the power point presentation, there is a link to a short mpg file that provides a good overview of BPL (see below). There are major consequences anticipated from mechanical and biological interference. This technology is tied to the emergence of WIMAX, referred to by health advocates as “WI FI on Steroids”. The Benevento Resolution includes a reference to this technology as a cause for concern (see www.icems.eu for the resolution and the papers presented at the Benevento Workshop.

    Living systems who are within 300 feet of a power line will be highly exposed and it is likely exposure conditions will exist at even greater distances due to re-radiation, such as resonance and reflection. The human body is a non-linear receiver of high frequency fields and this source will create an involuntary, uncontrollable exposure (physical shielding will be difficult). The frequency to be used is 802.16, slightly above the WiFi signal at 802.11. Human health is at risk from this exposure, especially for those who are environmentally and chemically sensitive and may have no place to hide.

    What can you do?

    If you are in the United States. immediately contact your federally elected representatives to oppose the enactment of H.R. 5252!
    HR 5252, The Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement Act of 2006 presently under review by the U.S. Congress, would authorize this major rapid deployment of wireless technology by creating one or more national cable franchises under the control of the FCC. This bill was introduced by Rep. Joe Barton, Texas and Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. There are 55 cosponsors. To read the bill and follow its current status, do a search under HR 5252 at http://thomas.loc.gov/ . Despite objections raised by many sectors, including those who criticize the utility of the engineering design and those who perceive mechanical interference problems, including the Amateur Radio Relay League and wave radio users world wide, this bill is on a fast track in the U.S. Senate and may pass soon.

    Several months ago, the California Public Utilities Commission approved Broadband over Power Line in state, to be under the control of the PUC in that state. If you reside or work in California, you ought to follow up on that in addition. Contact Cindy Sage at sage@silcom.com for details.

    A simple test of biological and potential health effects is done by driving near this BPL signal with your AM radio on. If you already have trouble concentrating on your driving due to RF biological interference the chronic presence of these signals along the road will make it much, much worse.

    Here is the link to the BPL issue as related to mechanical interference and FCC’s intent to apply it

    Here is a link to the US cities where BPL is going into operation. www.bpldatabase.org

    Sal La Duca just published a book called “Electrical Systems and their Fields of (biological) Influence” that you may want to order.
    His email address is eainc@emfrelief.com.
    The website is www.emfrelief.com


    Libby Kelley

    Elizabeth Kelley
    Benevento Resolution Coordinator
    International Commission For Electromagnetic Safety
    Email: info@icems.eu
    Web: www.icems.eu

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