• 18 JUL 06
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    #524: Corporate Corruption of Science

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    #524: Corporate Corruption of Science

    Anne Wagstaff from Tower Sanity alerted me about these two very relevant papers published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health. Highly recommended reading.


    1) Over a Barrell: Corporate Corruption of Science and its Effects on Workers and the Environment
    David S. Egilman, MD, MPH, Susanna Rankil Bohme, AM


    “Although occupational and environmental diseases are often viewed as isolated and unique failures of science, the government, or industry to protect the best interest of the public, they are in fact an outcome of a pervasive system of corporate priority setting, decision making, and influence. This system produces disease because political, economic, regulatory and ideological norms prioritize values of wealth and profit over human health and environmental well-being. Science is a key part of this system; there is a substantial tradition of manipulation of evidence, data, and analysis, ultimately designed to maintain favorable conditions for industry at both material and ideological levels. This issue offers examples of how corporations influence science, shows the effects that influence has on environmental and occupational health, and provides evidence of a systematic problem.”

    The full paper is available at:

    2) Corporate Corruption of Science – The Case of Chromium (VI)
    David Egilman, MD, MPH, Scout, PHD


    “Corporate infiltration of a panel conveined to set standards for chromium(VI) in California, buttressed by the engineered production of dubious “scientific” literature advancing industry’s goal, succeeded in skewing the panel’s decision to protect industry profits rather than public health. This situation demonstrates the insidious and effective influence of industry on the regulatory process.”
    The full paper is available at:

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